Café Counselling is a self funded organisation that provides a unique “we come to you” counselling service, offering, but not limited to:

General Counselling - One on One

Employee Assistance Program - EAP Service

De-escalation, Awareness & Break Away Techniques Training

Our Vision

If a counsellor has understanding, empathy, and a passion to help people, this will reflect on the clients progress. 

At Café Counselling that is what we seek to achieve, every day.



Darryl Rowe
Principal Counsellor (Dip. Couns)

Find Your Balance.

Take A Challenge.

Set Your Goals.

Free Yourself.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their personal goals, gain greater insight into their issues and work together to achieve a satisfying pathway for the future.

General Counselling

One-on-one Counselling

We work closely with our clients, have meaningful discussions and guide as best we can.

We can come to you, we can buy you a coffee or you can come to us and we’ll make you a coffee.

A friend, a brother, and listener – call Darryl on 0417 970 831

Employee Assistance Program – EAP Service

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling service for your employees. Work, home and personal issues can impact employees health and wellbeing, an EAP service can reduce the impact of these issues through professional, confidential counselling.

A true indicator of your support to your employees is them knowing you have their back, and providing that support is simple and affordable.

Cafe Counselling is a self funded organisation that provides a unique “we come to you” service.

All of our Counsellors are qualified and registered.

Common issues might include:

Conflict at home

Family issues

Grief & loss, trauma

Anger management

Self harm thoughts

Bullying, racism, sexism

Work related

Anxiety & low self esteem

Drug and alcohol use

Financial problems

Domestic violence

De-escalation & Awareness Training

Café Counselling have a unique and comprehensive training package best suited for clients in the mental/health & disability fields that supports existing client processes and procedures.

If companies and facilities are fulfilling their obligation to their employees health and safety, our training course becomes most relevant and in some cases high priority.

The first part of “de-escalation & awareness training” is designed for the employee to understand and realise when a consumer/client/patient is becoming agitated and maybe angry.

We show staff what to look out for, as in signs and body language of the consumer/client/patient and how to extricate themselves from awkward and potentially dangerous situations

Break Away Techniques Training

As in life, situations do not always go as planned, so with that in mind we have devised a series of techniques for the employee should they be physically grabbed, held or attacked.

This part of the course is split into 2 parts. Part (A) are techniques devised to merely break away from a physical attack e.g. wrist grab, bear hug, and provide the opportunity to escape and call for help.

Part (B) are techniques devised to only be used if the employee is in fear of losing their life, i.e. they can and if used properly, will inflict severe physical damage to the attacker, but may save the employees life.

Unit 3, 164 Barrington St

Bibra Lake, 6163

Cafe Counselling



Act, Belong, Commit 92661705
Black Dog Institute 131114

Self Harm/Suicide:

Lifeline 24/7 crisis support 131114
Beyond Blue 1300 224 636
Emergency – 000 000

DV & Sexual Assault:

National sexual assault, family & DV Counselling 1800 737 732


Please discuss with Darryl for referrals to preferred financial support agencies